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Swing Knits®

an innovative intertwining of yarn and art

Indian Summer Moebius Wrap

Swing-Knitting™ is a trademarked name for written workshops created and authored by Heidrun Liegmann.  Basically it is a form of German, short-row knitting which could be described as "organized free-form knitting."  The short rows create random and sculpted areas which morph through the use of colored markers.  Even though short rows have been used in knitting and weaving for centuries, the original German creator of this style of knitting, using a marking system, is Gabrielle Kluge of www.Strickrausch.de ("Intoxicated Knitting").  She is a knitter, fashion designer, and artist.  Some of her German colleagues, who are equally extraordinary knitting designers and artists are Heidrun Liegmann, creator of Swing-Knitting™ workshops and MagischeMaschen.de ("Magical Stitches"), Birgit Fitzke of www.Fadenzaubereien.de ("Thread/Yarn Magic"), and Petra Neumann of Der Kreativladen.de ("The Creative Shop").

Swing Knitting™ is being introduced in this country by Brigitte Elliott through knitting workshops including her own Swing Knits® brand.  She is creating her own designs and teaching at local yarn shops around the country and national events such as 

The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) and XRX, Inc., Stitches events.


Knitter's Magazine, Summer Issue K114


Project Title: Streamlines
Designed by: Brigitte Elliott
Skill Level: Intermediate
K114 Pages 48-51

Knitter's Magazine, Summer Issue K111


Lavender Fields designed by Brigitte Elliott


Knitter's Magazine, Winter Issue K109


Wheat Skirt designed by Brigitte Elliott

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