Students' Successes

The most rewarding element of teaching German short rows is the delight and success of the students who take the classes and begin to awaken their own creative juices.

Recently at Stitches East, Hartford, CT, one of my students, Jerry surprised me with an email and a photo of himself wearing his finished project (Swing Knits® Lesson One).  I asked for his permission to post his photo and his comment.  Jerry and two of his family members attended the class.  I hope that Jerry and his family were not affected by Hurricane Sandy.
"We all loved your class! I really enjoyed your knitting technique and you are a very pleasant teacher, which isn't easy to find.  We have been attending Stitches for the past four years, and your class is at the top for me!"  

Another person is Lynda who took both Lesson One and Lesson Two in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Yarns & Arts,
Lynda is very creative and very smart.  She has created some of the most exquisite, stunning beaded jewelry and pouches.  It is no wonder that she has picked up this technique with gusto.

Lynda is holding up the fabric she created during Lesson One.  The yarns which were selected was for an ensemble of pillows and a throw for Lynda's and Ron's boat.  She purchased a pillow which she covered on one side with the finished fabric.

The pillow in the fore-front was knitted as a second pillow using the "pattern" learned in Lesson One.  Lynda said she wanted to practice the technique again.  The pillow in the background of the photo was created through Tunisian crochet.

This is the pillow which Lynda created during Lesson Two where the fields begin to morph and take on a life of their own. 

Tah-dah!  Simply gorgeous and totally unique!
No one can possibly buy this wonderful, unique combination of creativity and comfort. 

Congratulations Lynda, for a job well done!

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